Family Medical Care of Clifton

David Chen, MD   ♦   Pejman Lavian, MD


Family Medical Care of Clifton

1033 Clifton Avenue

Clifton, NJ  07013

Phone: (973) 470-8377

Fax: (973) 470-8534


Comprehensive medical care for all ages including pediatrics (2 and up), adolescents, adults, and seniors.

● Women’s health care including pap smears, family planning, osteoporosis prevention and management and breast cancer screening.

● Preventive health maintenance including evaluation of risk factors, family history, and recommendations.  Patient education, travel advice, and weight loss and nutrition counseling are also provided.

● Primary care for patients with developmental and physical disabilities.



● Minor surgical procedures including suturing of cuts, removal of warts, moles, and skin growths.

● Sports medicine- complete care of the athlete including pre-participation physicals and treatment of sports-related injuries.

● Behavioral Health- consultation and management for problems such as anxiety, depression, parenting, and stress.

● Immunizations- we provide influenza (flu) vaccines, pneumococcal (pneumonia) vaccines, Tetanus boosters, as well as catch up vaccines for children.

● In-Office Laboratory- for the convenience of our patients, bloodwork is drawn in our office by trained phlebotomists.

● Echocardiograms, ultrasounds, and vascular studies performed in the office by registered ultrasound professionals.

● Home Visits when necessary.